Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Top Ten Creationist Arguments

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Psychology of Belief

Part One: Informational Influence

Part Two: Insufficient Justification

Part Three: Confirmation Bias

Part Four: Misinformation Effect

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

3-Year-Old Muslim Girl Wants To Kill Infidels

"Islamophobia" is a Worlwide Free Speech

The Arrogance of Clergy by Pat Condell

Islam is Tearing The World Apart

Random Youtuber Response to "Wake Up, America"

Wake Up, America

Aggressive Atheism

Lies Christians Tell and Why

Part One: Anti-theism/Anti-biblican

Part Two: Atheism is A Belief

Part Three: Atheism is A Belief System

Part Four: You Can't Prove God Doesn't Exist

Part Five: Knowing Is A Matter of Certainty

Part Six: Lack of Belief = Assertion of Falsehood

Part Seven: Lack of Belief = Having No Position

Part Eight: Atheism Requires Faith

Me Vs God Series by AntiCitizenX

Part One: Noah's Ark Debunked

Part Two: God's Image Debunked

Part Three: Prayer Debunked

Part Four: Morality Debunked

Part Five: Why We Believe

Part Six: God Debunked

Commonly Misunderstood Concepts: Happiness by GStolyarovll

Literalism & the Law by TaylorX04

Keep It In The Bedroom? by ZOMGItsCriss

I agree that marriage should be for everyone, regardless of sexual orientation.

A List of Rational Arguments About Religions Dominating the Holidays

"Simple, if you don't like it put your kids in a religious school where they can "feel" the "hand of Jesus" from a nice preacher. If you're going to send them to the public schooling system, which is supported by the constitution and the amendments to it than you can just shut up because you're just being the exact same thing you're trying to complain about." TermsB,

"Christmas was NOT always a Christian holiday, you guys hijacked it. Besides, it's as much as of a cultural celebration as a religious one, and some of us prefer to avoid the religious side, ME being one of them." LeonSKennedy828,

"So your saying people have religious freedom but they cant practice it in public? Christians aren't repressed for their religion, they're repressed for the fact that noone likes getting preached at. NOONE! I'm a Wiccan and you know what, I fucking hate being told that I'm going to hell so excuse me for wanting to bash a Christian in the face for telling me this, but, if they leave me alone, by all means let them do their thing in public if they want! It's not your business what they do." fRaNkIeRolsLove222,

"its been said like five times but its not a christian was originally pagan

jesus was not born in late Dec, most likely around Sept, if at all, all writing of him came 60ish years after his death" ProgramG,

"what is funny is that the Christmas tree was originally a pagan symbol. and santa wasn't even involved in religion...just a giver is all." THE1andONLYofME,

"If a school (the administration) starts a Christmas play, then they are endorsing that specific religion. There's no way around it. Students are always welcome to start their own Christian student group from which they can create a play. But the staff and school cannot endorse any one religion.

No one is hating on Christmas, we just ask that you don't spend our tax dollars on endorsing a religion.

Happy Holidays. " redone632,

"have a little muslim act and then lets see what the christians have to say about religious school plays. " CannibalShinobi,

""Simply having a play about CHRISTmas does not constitute congress making a "law respecting the establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof"" - that is completely wrong. the school is using government funding to pay teachers to teach kids religious songs and stories. its perfectly constitutional if the play is funded privately, but if teachers are payed to teach religious BS on public funding and on the schools time then it is unconstitutional." CannibalShinobi,

"most chatholics dont even know the jehovah is their gods name,some think its jesus,my clear response to those guys is read you own texts before shouting at embarrassing when an atheist knows more about chatholic and christian lore then they do." themangnafrak,

"i fuckin love this rant. im catholic myself, but dont care what someone wants to beleive for as long as theyre not anal about it. people who get offended just from someone elses belief are retards. either way, cristian or not, lets just celebrate the damn holiday for the social and cultural aspect and enjoy ourselfs." 014matt,

"I'm not offended by religion... I simply believe in the separation of church and state " TheReasonWhyGuy,

"foamy you are a king,this is my favorite rant by you cause its so very true.
the only thing about religion is dont push it on noone,i dont mind if you put out your holiday decorations,just dont tell me im going to hell for not believing.cause thatll just get you stabbed." themangafrak,

"Anyone can celebrate any holiday they want. Just don't come up to me and tell me that I'm going to hell because I'm not a believer. If you're gonna preach freedom of religion, then allow me, an atheist, to have freedom from religion. That's how true tolerance works." Me,

The Power of Prayer AntiCitizenX

A House Divided by TheThinkingAtheist

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Misrepresenting Atheism

Top 25 Creationist Fallacies

Random Youtuber Explains that the Meaning of Life is Different for Everyone

Random Youtuber Explains that Faith is Uncertainty

Jesus is Plagerized

Anyone who has truly taken a look at various religions knows that Christianity is a copycat of many different belief systems. The story of Jesus is no exception.

Random Youtuber Explains that Religion is A Surrogate Parent in Many Ways

God Is Not Enough

I second this video.

The Curse of Faith

Hook, Line, and Rapture

Pimping For Jesus

Unholy Scripture

Catholic Morality

The Religion of Fear

God Is A Psycho

I absolutely love this video! You couldn't have described the Judeo-Christian god any other way! When people want to bring their evangelism my way, I also say, "No thanks. I like having the ability to think rationally and critically. I like having true free will and freedom of thought. I like doing good things because I want to, and not to please some fake invisible man in the sky. I like all of these things because this is what makes me truly free."