Friday, April 30, 2010

Glenn Beck Gets Pwned!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Creationist Propoganda Caught On Tape

Another Youtube user posted my opinion on this: "Creationists had 2,000 years to prove their point and couldn't. Evolution proved them wrong in only 150 years of proven science.

They had their chance for any preconceived ideas.

Science has proven time & time again the Dinosaurs died out 65 million years ago.

Are these people teaching their children that the earth is flat & the sun revolves the earth too?

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Catholicism as explained by Harlan Ellison

Psychology of Belief, Part 6: Hallucinations

Hearing voices: It's not just for schizophrenics any more!

Hallucination is a relatively common phenomenon. Virtually all of us will, at one point or another, experience sensory perceptions generated entirely out of our own minds. Sadly, some people are more prone to this than others, and it is entirely within reason that every spiritual experience in human history is attributable to auditory, visual, and tactile hallucinations.

Anywhere between 1-2 % of the human population hears voices on a regular basis. Sometimes the voices say encouraging things. Sometimes the voices are derogatory and vicious. Other times they speak nonsense. Occasionally they are even capable of full conversations.

Sometimes the voices are audible. Sometimes they are like loud thoughts. Other times they are like severe, intrusive urges.

Sometimes the voices are a blessing in the life of the hearer. Other times the voices are a nuisance. Some people cope by taking drugs. Others cope by asserting dominance with the voices. Some have even developed bizarre coping mechanisms like having "voice time" or simply repeating everything the voices say back at them.

In short, if you think you have heard the voice of God. You probably have not.

Southpark, Islam, Fanaticism. Thunderturds banned video.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Rep. Randy Forbes vs. FFRF's Annie Gaylor: National Day of Prayer Legal?

The Real News: The Age Of Science And Discovery

TED2010: And now, the real news - The age of discovery.

"Some stories are more important than others." (Kirk Citron)

How many of today's headlines will matter in 100 years? 1000? Kirk Citron's "Long News" project collects stories that not only matter today, but will resonate for decades -- even centuries -- to come. At TED2010, he highlights recent headlines with the potential to shape our future.

Why you should listen to him:

Kirk Citron seems to have an innate understanding of all things media. He began his career in advertising at Ogilvy & Mather in New York, but soon started his own agency with Matt Haligman. Citron Haligman Bedecarré landed major clients and was named Adweeks West Agency of the Year. Citron then transformed the company into AKQA -- a digital advertising agency that has won awards on both sides of the Atlantic with offices around the world.

Today, Citron continues to write and innovate. He is the editor of 'The Long News', finding news stories that will continue to matter as many as a thousand years from today, and consults for a number of non-profit organizations. He is also the author of the play But Not For Lunch, which has been staged at theaters in Maine, Miami and Pennsylvania.



We are drowning in news. Reuters alone puts out three-and-a-half million news stories a year. That's just one source.

My question is: How many of those stories are actually going to matter in the long run? That's the idea behind 'The Long News'. It's a project by The Long Now Foundation, which was founded by TEDsters including Kevin Kelly and Stewart Brand. And what we're looking for is news stories that might still matter 50 or 100 or 10,000 years from now. And when you look at the news through that filter, a lot falls by the wayside.

If you take the top stories from the A.P. this last year: Is this going to matter in a decade? Or this? Or this? Really? Is this going to matter in 50 or 100 years? Okay, that was kind of cool. But the top story of this past year was the economy. And I'm just betting that, sooner or later, this particular recession is going to be old news.

So, what kind of stories might make a difference for the future? Well, let's take medicine. Someday, little robots will go through our bloodstreams fixing things. That someday is already here if you're a mouse. Some recent stories: Nanobees zap tumors with real bee venom. They're sending genes into the brain. They've built a robot that can crawl through the human body.

What about resources? How are we going to feed nine billion people? We're having trouble feeding six billion today. As we heard yesterday, there's over a billion people hungry. Britain will starve without genetically modified crops. Bill Gates, fortunately, has bet a billion on ag research.

What about global politics? The world's going to be very different when and if China sets the agenda, and they may. They've overtaken the U.S. as the world's biggest car market. They've overtaken Germany as the largest exporter. And they've started doing DNA tests on kids to choose their careers.

We're finding all kinds of ways to push back the limits of what we know. Some recent discoveries: There's an ant colony from Argentina that has now spread to every continent but Antarctica. There's a self-directed robot scientist that's made a discovery. Soon, science may no longer need us. And life may no longer need us either. A microbe wakes up after 120,000 years. It seems that with or without us life will go on.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Day of Silence, Stupidity of Homophobes

FOX Business: European Economy Hurt by Secularism?

Faux News tells more lies about secularism.

Richard Dawkins on CNN: Atheist Calls For Pope's Arrest

Dr. Richard Dawkins steps up to the plate and asks for Pope Rat to be arrested for covering up child abuse within the Catholic church. He says something that many of us agree with, "...there is no reason why the head of a large religious organization be exempt from the same laws that the rest of the world has to submit to. There is no get-out-of-jail free card that should bee issued to a religious leader anymore than to anyone else in the world."

Pope Rat gets BUSTED!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

FOX News: No Atheists In Foxholes?

Understanding Christianese- Lesson 4

Atheist vs. Black Magic

India's top tantrik tries to kill an atheist on live TV using the "ultimate destruction ceremony". Millions of superstitious people witnessed this epic failure and the world became just a little bit more rational.

The Christian Right are going to HELL!!!

According to Romans 13:1-2, Christians that are against Obama are going to HELL! If you are tired of hearing about how the Democrats are ruining America by the Christian right groups...then this is the video for you!!!

Teh Lolcat Messiah: Meowlelujah Chorus

And now, for something completely different! ^__^ Happy Easter!

Fundamentalist Christians; What makes their beliefs dangerous

Cambrian Explosion Disproves Evolution?

The 6 Moral Dealbreakers of Christianity

Worshipping the Christian God requires shocking moral compromises that many of us are simply unwilling to make.

Happy Easter!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Understanding Christianese - Lesson 2

We continue our journey through the sappy sayings and pompous platitudes found inside "The Faith."

FOX News: Divine Billboard Battle

More prejudice against atheists by Faux News.

Why Christians Might Go To Hell

Of Catholicism and Capone

"There can be little doubt that had any other organization other than the Catholic church that was trusted with the care of children, for instance an orphanage, a school, or a daycare center, had been found to not only been abusing the children, but to swear the victims to secrecy, and then to move the molester to another center... there simply would be no debate about allowing the organization to conduct its own investigation and to impose its own 'punishments' of repentance. Both the individuals and the organization would be up on criminal charges before you could say knife.
However for the Catholic Church, law enforcement seems powerless. The church simply says child molestation is evil, and that through true repentance can come renewal, or some equally nebulous BS, and the church gets away with such criminal acts- scot free!

However even if institutionalized child molestation doesn't take the church down, it has been a huge blow to it's credibility. In that sense it's kind of like Al Capone being taken down for tax evasion. Especially given that the Pope has stated that he thinks that condoms actually increase the spread of HIV in sub-Saharan Africa!" --Thunderf00t

ABC Nightline: What the Pope Knew About Father Maciel

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Theist Caller: Fear of Hell is Needed - A.E. #586

DAWKINS - Religious School Are Wicked

Faith Schools And Children's Rights - Richard Dawkins - The Big Debate - BBC

Jonathan Dimbleby and a panel of experts come together to debate the controversial subject of religion in Britain's schools.

The role of religion in education is a subject rarely out of the headlines. Despite Britain's multi-faith society, schools are still required to include a collective act of worship of a Christian nature, while faith schools and religious academies have raised fears about community cohesion and covert selection.

Claims by some religious educationalists that faith is the best way to teach moral values is challenged by others in schools who believe religious morality to be outdated and dangerous.

Dimbleby is joined by Professor Richard Dawkins, Schools Select Committee chairman Barry Sheerman MP, and a multi-faith studio audience.

Richard Dawkins is the Charles Simonyi Professor of the Public Understanding of Science at Oxford University. He was voted Britains leading public intellectual by readers of Prospect magazine and was named one of Time Magazines "100 Most Influential People" for 2007. Among his books are "The Selfish Gene", "The Blind Watchmaker", "Climbing Mount Improbable", "Unweaving the Rainbow", "A Devils Chaplain", "The Ancestors Tale", and the New York Times best seller "The God Delusion".